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LINELEH is a continuing series of works by sound artists ELEH and Richard Chartier. Part two was created, modifed, and refined over the course of a year between 2015 and 2016. A long overdue collaboration formed through mutual admiration.

These works focuses on the artists’ long-shared shared interest in micro-nuances and are intended for quiet amplification or headphone listening.

One-hour and two-hour reflections on space and emptiness, LINELEH I and LINELEH II respectively stretch mysteriously through time and tone. Eleh and Richard Chartier coax distinct floating durational interactions through slowly shifting waves—an enveloping push and pull between these two minimalist artists’ sonic vocabularies.

LINELEH II (2hours 8minutes) also available


ELEH is an electronic project formed in 1999 as an exploration of minimal analog synthesis.

Eleh, an artist who flourishes in restraint, uses a reduced sonic vocabulary to highlight delicate intricacies in a logical path toward harmonious satisfaction. The organization of hypnotic square waves, rippling sine waves and triangle/saw tooth waveforms is a discourse in the infinity, rather than the limits, of reduction. By employing a natural practice of balanced interpretation Eleh enables an individual reaction free of the clutter of white noise.

"Eleh's music electrifies whatever space it engages. With the flip of a switch, it exposes the ways in which all space is, potentially, electric." — Frieze

"Nuances of sound turn symphonic." — New York Times


RICHARD CHARTIER (American, b.1971) is a Los Angeles based artist and is considered one of the key figures in the current of reductionist sound known as both “microsound” and Neo-Modernist. Chartier’s minimalist digital work explores the inter-relationships between the spatial nature of sound, silence, focus, perception and the act of listening itself.

Chartier’s critically acclaimed sound works have been published since 1998 on a variety of labels internationally. He has collaborated with noted composer William Basinski, sound artists ELEH, CoH, Robert Curgenven, Taylor Deupree, AGF, Yann Novak, and German electronic music pioneer Asmus Tietchens. In installation form, he has created works with multimedia artists Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand, visual artist Linn Meyers, and projected light artist Anthony McCall.

Chartier’s sound works/installations have been presented in galleries and museums internationally and he has performed his work live across Europe, Japan, Australia, and North America at digital art/electronic music festivals and exhibits. In 2000 he formed the recording label LINE and has since curated its continuing documentation of compositional and installation work by international sound artists/composers exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism.


released February 10, 2017

design: Richard Chartier
special thanks to: Yann Novak

m 2016 ELEH + Richard Chartier
p 2017 LINE


all rights reserved



LINE Los Angeles, California

Richard Chartier's LINE publishes editions documenting compositional & installation works by international sound artists & composers exploring the aesthetics of minimalism.

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