Circadian Rhythms Vol​.​1


op.5 00:25
op.8-2 10:00
op.3 10:00
op.6 10:00
op.10 10:00
op.9 10:00
op.8-1 10:00


This album is the first compilation of a series of compositions inspired by my chronic non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder.

Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder is a type of circadian rhythm disorder that causes a deviation from the normal 24-hour cycle due to its characteristic 25-hour cycle circadian rhythm.

This causes patients to have trouble living on a 24-hour cycle and chronically experience symptoms similar to jet lag.

This disorder is common in people who are totally blind, but it can also occur in people who are not.

In this composition series, we pay attention to this cycle deviation and apply the values to tuning, frequency, harmonics, and time conversion.

This album contains many works that reflect the transition of the deviation by converting the actual hour into 1 second.

Only op.5 converts 24 hours to 1 second.

All of the pieces apply 25 cycles to the left channel and 24 cycles to the right channel.


For more information on this disease, read the Rare Disease Database:


Shuta Hiraki (b.1990) is a Japanese electronic musician residing in Nagasaki, Japan. He has published his works under his own name and under the pseudonym obalto since 2014.

Influenced by the trend toward more “drone-based” ambient music in the latter half of 00’s, he started to create ambient/drone music himself centering on various field recordings and its sounds processed by DAW around 2013.

His musical works have been published on Rottenman Editions (Spain), Unfinished House (Japan), Kyou Records (Japan), and Falt (France).


released December 4, 2020

Composed and recorded August-September 2020 by Shuta Hiraki.
Mastering by Shuta Hiraki.


all rights reserved



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